Commodity Participants Association of India
    (Transforming Rural Economy to Global)

The basic aim of CPAI is to develop sound business practices and maintain ethical code of conduct and help implement standard principals and practices between representatives and others engaged in Commodity Broking activities. Our aim is to play a role of intermediary between Government, Regulators and Members in the interest of industry as a whole. 

Presently, over 2000 commodity brokers with their reach in more than 1000 towns and cities of India, mainly in Tier II and III cities, serve the Agricultural Producers, Industry Consumers and the Market Participants through presence of over 2,00,000 Online Terminals and to represent commodity fraternity, CPAI has emerged as the only registered member organization of all the commodity brokers of national commodities exchanges, recognized and acknowledged by Forward Markets Commission as “Voice of Commodity Futures Market and its Participants”.

Our endeavour is to reach out to all the participants of Commodity Futures Market and involve all of them for the all round growth and development of Commodity Market as well as its Participants to fulfill our mission of “Transforming Rural Economy into Global”.