Commodity Participants Association of India
    (Transforming Rural Economy to Global)

We have pleasure in introducing CPAI, the Only Members’ Organization of all the commodity brokers of the National Commodities Exchanges registered with the FMC. Presently, over 2500 commodity brokers, with their reach in 1500 towns and cities of India, mainly in Tier II and III cities, serve the Agricultural Producers, Industry Consumers and the Market Participants through the presence of over 50,000 Online Terminals. The basic aim of CPAI is to develop sound business practices, maintain ethical code of conduct and help implement standard principals and practices between representatives and others engaged in commodity broking activities. Our aim is to play a role of intermediary between the government, regulators and members for the interest of the industry as a whole

Right from its inception, CPAI has been striving hard to create an environment that is conducive for transparent, safe and efficient Commodity Futures Marketing. As a result of the sincere, positive and logical approach adopted, in a short span of time, CPAI has been acknowledged as True Representative of Commodity Broking Fraternity and is recognized as genuine intermediary between the Government, Regulators and Participants. The presence of CPAI members in several committees formed by FMC and exchanges is the testimony of the recognition and emergence of CPAI as a valuable link between its members, regulators and exchanges.

CPAI is serving its member and the commodity market through its head office in New Delhi and four regional offices. The National Executive and four Regional Executive Committees of CPAI, comprising of the most sincere and dedicated members from all parts of the country, are working selflessly and tirelessly for the upliftment, growth and overall development of the commodity business in India. The unflagging efforts put in for Transforming Rural Economy to Global by the office bearers of CPAI can make any organization proud as a result today CPAI is well recognized as ‘The Voice Of Commodity Futures Market and its Participants’.

Besides raising logical and justified issues, pertaining to the members and Commodity Futures Markets, with the concerned authorities, CPAI, as a part of its mission, plays an important role in imparting education to the investors and its members through Seminars, Awareness Programmes, Training through Workshops and by sending updates through e-mail etc.

Our continuous endeavours for strengthening our relations with FMC and due to our sincere, truthful and logical approach, we are considered as the only and genuine well wishers of Commodity Brokers Fraternity by them. Accordingly, a representative from CPAI has been included in the Advisory Committee of the FMC. Not only this, CPAI is also represented by its members in the committees formed by the FMC such as the Risk Management Group and Advisory Committee on Technology.

Recognizing and acknowledging the role of CPAI, the market regulator FMC, ordered all commodity exchanges to induct a representative from CPAI in their Committee for the Management of Settlement Guarantee Fund (SGF). In order to oversee Auction cum Bidding Process, FMC directed NSEL management to form a committee (Monitoring cum Auction committee) and include a representative from CPAI. Recently, as requested by MCX, CPAI has nominated its National President in the Members Consultative Committee of MCX which clearly shows the importance being attached to CPAI by exchanges also. FMC has also been requested by CPAI to ask all exchanges to have its representative on their board.

Whatever CPAI could achieve till date is just a beginning and lot more is still need to be done to create a sound and developed Commodity Market. With more and more commodity brokers joining, CPAI, is surely going to achieve its mission of evolving and developing sound business practices while maintaining ethical code of conduct, help implement standard principals and practices and strive to bridge the gap between the Participants, Exchanges and Regulators Commodity Futures Markets

The endeavour of CPAI is to reach out to all those commodity participants who have not yet joined CPAI as a member and seek their support to make CPAI stronger so that we may take up all justified causes of our Commodity Broking Fraternity with more strength and vigour.

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CPAI solicit support from all the members of Commodity Broking Fraternity to come forward, participate actively in its activities and contribute towards strengthening the organization so that it may achieve its most coveted mission of creating a transparent and safe Commodity Futures Market in India and earning world wide recognition.

We appeal all the commodity participants to join hands to help strengthening CPAI so that it may achieve its coveted mission of “Transforming Rural Economy into Global”.